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MUSIC, MUSIC & MUSIC! The power which keeps my motor running. A world without music would be devastating for me!

That’s why I spend most of my time working, listening and discovering new music. Mixing and producing for the last couple of years has become such a big part of my live and I truly enjoy every second of it.

Developing my own labels “Antura Records” and “That’s Sick” for the past three years was a lot of fun and of course plenty of hard work. I got to know some really great people during that time and looking forward to meet many music fans in the future. Hopefully “Antura” and “That’s Sick” will continue to grow and thrive for years to come behind all the love and passion I put into these projects.

1. Layton Giordani – People & Things (Octopus Black Label)
2. Skober – You Want It (Alleanza)
3. Stephan Hinz – Breakout (Drumcode)
4. Oscar L, Alberto Ruiz – Fudge Monster (ELEVATE)
5. D-Unity – Sensation (Unity Records)
6. Loco & Jam – Just Can’t Stop (Stereo Productions)
7. D-Unity – Cancel (Transmit Recordings)
8. Adrian Hour – Svojsice (Stereo Productions)
9. Alx Music – Don’t (Transmit Recordings)
10. Luca Maniaci & Ben Teufel – Equilibrium (Antura Records)
11. Luigi Madonna – Unconditional Beauty (Drumcode)
12. Julian Jeweil – Rumble (Minus)

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