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Carlos was born in 1982 in Caracas, Venezuela. He had his first experience with electronic music at age 16 when he found his way to the local records store and felt completely drawn and amazed by the power and strength in House & Techno and its instinctive ways of structure. Soon after that, he started playing in small underground parties around the capital, consumed and fascinated by the style.

After getting to know his way around the scene, Carlos quickly became part of it, participating in events such as “The Smirnoff Experience” and “High Events”. Playing in several parties around Venezuela and the world (Colombia, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador) allowed him to have the experience of sharing booths with talented artists whom he not only admired and respected, but with whom he also shared the same passion for electronic music. He played with Richie Hawtin, Magda, Marco Carola, Mr. C, Francis Harris, M.A.N.D.Y, Jonny White (Art Department), Ripperton, Gurtz, Dani Casarano, Behrouz, Harri, Ryan Shaw, Circulation, Ulysses, Matthias Tanzmann, Nima Gorji, Pablo Bolivar, Ricky Ryan, Christian Berger (Deaf Pillow), Pancho Piedra, Behrouz (Do Not Sit On The Furniture) to name a few and had many fortunate experiences that made him grow, understand and connect with and through music.

Since 2003, Carlos a.k.a “Don KX” has played as a resident DJ in one of the best electronic music clubs in Caracas: Suka Bar. In 2007 Carlos was invited to the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Spain. He participated in a couple of events at Macarena Club & Chiringuito Beach, sharing decks with great artist such as Daniel Stefanik, Anthony Collins, Gabriel Ananda A year after, Carlos moved to Barcelona to team up with his hometown friends that were living in Barcelona at the moment, playing in several clubs around the city such as Macarena, City Hall, and “The Summer Chiringuito Parties”.

He Moved to Venezuela in 2010 , and Started a new series of parties called NoGameNight, inviting His firends and local talents, also bringing international Artist from Germany , Spain and SouthAmerica Every month till 2015.

Nowadays he is living in Mexico, he has established a great connection with InfraDigrecords boss “Light IDR” and started working together on the Label with his first remix For Alex Arnout & Pancho Piedra, on the latest EP for the label on Beatport & What People Play.

1. Josh Wink Intro
2. Alex Under – Llaman a la puerta (Kompakt)
3. Stekke – Lesing (Melchior Productions Ltd Cosmos Remix)(Sketches)
4. Reno Wurzbacher – A Feeling (Freund Der Familie)
5. Alex Arnout & Pancho Piedra – Vilca Sounds( Light IDR,Jou & Don KX Rmx)(InfraDigrecords)
6. Rhauder & Paul St. Hilaire – No More (Ornaments)
7. Danah Ruh – Howl006.3 (Howl)
8. Genetikal Twins & Dubwell – How Hard (InfraDigrecords)
9. Martin Buttrich & Guti – New Game (Rhythm Assault)
10. Chris Wood – Product Imagery (La Peña)
11. arhat – Ban (AKU)
12. Deadbeat – I Dont Need Nothng If I Got You (Lessizmore)
13. Djebali – Original Rude Boy (Alcis Remix)
14. Bodycode – Immune (Ghostly Intl)

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