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EG.666 Damian Lazarus Download:

DJ, producer, musician and label head Damian Lazarus is one of the most unique and talented figures in electronic music today, with a career spanning over 20 years, taking him from a residency in Ibiza´s DC-10 club to running events like Day Zero Festival and Get Lost, while his label Crosstown Rebels has become one of the most influential and respected names in the business.

With a style all his own, Damian’s DJ performances become musical journeys beyond mere sets, perfectly curated and full of surprises and details that show what a true master at the mixer and decks sounds like.  And, when it comes to running his label, his vision, musical taste and eye for talent continues to help Crosstown dominate the global house and Techno scene. This year, his band project Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons release their second album and are currently getting ready to launch a brand new explosive live show.

For this special EG episode, Damian produced a musical collage that spreads throughout many genres, using an impressive collection of songs, loops and dialogue, put together to tell a story, to immerse us in the theme this mix is related to the number 666 and its implications on our culture. A 66-minute and 6-second joy ride that’s sure to keep you reeled in, lost in the maze of sounds built by this master craftsman, an alluring, delightful, hair-raising experience.

Watch the video teaser below.

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