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From time to time it feels like a dream. The big boys are playing his records and the party goes on and on. David Jach isn’t longer one of thoose Djs…He found his way, his style and works steady on his magic. Since years his records are louded and his tour schedule is heavy this days.

Jach represents a new generation of musicians, who rely on their own feelings rather than on the “great hypes”. And still, his sound somehow manages to sneak in between the almost identical sounding tracks of the beatport Top20. However, David Jach does not only count on his vinyl productions but also on his live qualities. The freshness of his performance is catching and evokes an almost romantic picture of perfect Open-Air-Days and Club nights, some of which he is celebrating on a regular basis within the scope of his own event “Freunde Feiern”.

Colourful, slightly soaked with house and deep sound elements, always a bit nostalgic but at the same time several steps ahead of the usual burbling techno-releases. At least David Jach and his mate Beatamines did an electronic concert with members of a philharmonic orchestra . The video of this special production went around the world and the concert will be repeat in some special cities. It’s up to you to open your ears and your mind – this boy is hardworking and he will catch you.

01. Cabin Fever – No Namo
02. Unknown – TZU02
03. Moonlit Vision – Something
04. Capeesh Society – Sorry I’m Done
05. Mikhu – Sorry
06. Cojoc & Moldovan – Pleasure
07. Jack Wickham – Aiol
08. Cajmere & Dyed Soundorom – 1+1=1
09. REda daRE – Loose Jointed
10. Franck Roger – Mogoldino
11. Rossi – No Vacancy

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