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Solution 99, aka Robbie Brandon, is a young producer from Detroit and had his debut release February 2018 with Kondukter Records, and has also had a recent release on Chill Records in May. With a wide range of inspiration from Disco, to Lo-Fi House, to Techno, his latest Horizon EP on PITS looks to expand, evolve, and push his sound while also preserving some true nostalgic feelings. It is about raw emotion and seeing the beauty in creating.

01. Harrison BDP – Untitled (ER003)
02. Melchior Sultana – The Message (PS02)
03. Kaffe CrËme – I <3 U (VRTV004)
04. Genius Of Time – Drifting Back (ROYAL07)
05. Felipe Gordon – Acid Party At Teusaquillo (TOYT082)
06. Tech Support – Heat Wave (Black Loops Remix) (DSD009)
07. Funken Wavetropi – Easy Time (WHYTENUMBERS002)
08. Peggy Gou – Shero (NNFP004)
09. Klic – Disco Music (Tuffy City Kids Acid Mix) (HOMETAPING23)
10. Harrison BDP – Easy Does It (PALMS016)
11. Juju & Jordash – Throwdown (NNFP004)
12. Solution 99 – Emerald (PITS009)
13. Aleksandir – Yamaha (TESS002)
14. Mara Lakour – Timecode (STRCTR004)
15. Duccio – I can stay without you (WHYTENUMBERS002)
16. S.Kull & Solution 99 – Rainbow Rave (Unreleased)

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