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We exist in a world of commercialized party scenes full of ear piercing builds, awkwardly distorted wompy bass, bottle service, top 40 mashups, cocktail waitresses, striped button down shirts, glowing plastic wands, and sparkler champagne presentations. The club scene seems to have forgotten what a club was made for and what the DJ’s job was every night. It was to create a unique experience with the dance floor as the main attraction, where the DJ’s top priority was delivering never before heard record tracks that would fuel the energy that made up the dance floor. If this reminiscent scenario is what you are looking for then JOHNEE is for you. If you are looking for someone to play your crowd favorites and take top 40 requests……don’t bother. JOHNEE only concerns himself with delivering the most unique and fresh dance experience with no compromise. Each track selection is a completely unique situation with deep focus on quality, experience, and vibe. This experience is what brings the right people to the right places to create something fresh each time.

His background is stemmed in the industrial techno of the 80’s and hip hop of the 90’s having been raised in skating rinks and around the club scene since an early age. Staying up all night waiting to record dance tracks on his cassette player was his young Saturday night regimen. Owning a collection of rarely heard dance tracks has always been a passion since then. Dj’ing did not begin until later in life but his unique experiences in dance music and techno made sure he was tuned in on what was fresh and unique when it was time to cut his teeth.

Having earned experience playing along side reputable DJs such as Lee Burridge, Worthy, Maceo Plex, SIAN, Sonny Fodera, Bijou, Gorgon City, Amine Edge & Dance, Wolf+Lamb, Christian Martin, Kidnap Kid, Oona Dahl, DKDS, Kry Wolf, Justin Jay, Bones, AC Slater, and countless local legends, JOHNEE has created a liquid network of support and bookings by playing at various clubs such as Beauty Bar, Red Light, Bungalow Beach Club, Green Elephant, Off The Record, That That, Levu, and countless warehouse parties. Always working to build the scene into something new and fresh, JOHNEE books proper talent on the regular for his events under the +PRIME+ Night Cult and LOLO banners which throw some of the most unique party experiences in DFW and Austin.

He believes to have a proper scene for a good Djing experience you sometimes have to create your own. To build your network and following you have to create and cultivate it. We are responsible for making something bigger for ourselves and those around us.

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