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Labels owner, prolific producer and talented DJ; this is the perfect tryptic to resume in 6 words Ilario Liburni’s career. From his first release on Monique Musique in 2011 to his recent collaborations with Ricardo Villalobos or Dan Ghenacia on his own vinyl label, Ilario’s path is full of surprise and it seems to be just the beginning.

Back in the days, Ilario’s touch attract the major artists from the tech-house and techno scene as Carlo Lio, Noir or Riva Starr who open their doors to release his tracks on Rawthentic, Noir Music or Snatch!

His music style slightly changed over the years and chose for a deeper, experimental and minimalistic house sound. With releases and remixes on labels such as Re-UP’s Kina Music, Memoria Recordings, Moan Recordings, Enough! Music, Hopeless and others.

Making music is not enough for Ilario; that’s why he decided to launch the vinyl only labels Invade Records and Cardinal. Ilario wants to make each release exclusive and carefully selects the music that fits his vision of the labels; Tripmastaz, Mihai Popoviciu, Sascha Dive, etc… recognize his talent and decided to join him on board.

It was in 2014 where Ilario and Chicago house legend Mystic Bill meet in a way that only faith can bring them together. This is where Ilario Liburni proposed to re-release his track “Take Me Back” on Invade Records and managed to get a remix by industry favourite Ricardo Villalobos and by Ilario Liburni himself.

As from now, Ilario works on re-issues on his own labels in collaboration with such huge artists with the support of tINI, Chris Carrier & Dan Ghenacia to name only few of them.

Thanks to the motivation and hard work that he puts on A/R of his own imprints and productions, Ilario had the pleasure to share the decks over more than 10 countries with hundreds of gigs all around Europe. Café D’anvers, Klub K4 or Club der Visionaere is just one of the few clubs where Ilario cross the way of his fans.

So much to come and hard to resume in one sentence that the best advice we can give is to keep an eye on how Ilario is ready to surprise us.

1. Marcus Fix – Katan
2. NA
3. Tripmastaz – BCN4
4. Subb-An – Island Fever
5. iO (Mulen) – Rdm37
6. Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier – Blue Stick
7. Brett Jacobs – Wizards And Mermaids
8. NA
9. NA
10. DJ Jes – Love is Difficult (Edit)
11. DJ Rasoul – Kik Dat Shit
12. Sakro – Nyctophilia
13. The Mountain People – Ishara

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