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Constantly working on new material, the duo started off an eventful 2018 with multiple highlights: Sonantis brought out their first LP called ‘All Go’ on renowned label Dialtone Records, containing seven tracks which showcase the different styles, ideas and techniques they are familiar with, all while keeping their signature dark and atmospheric yet rhythmic vibe. The second release of the year saw Sonantis changing up this style by releasing a techy, old-school-house inspired tune called ‘Secret to Happiness’ on Tulipa Record’s Petal Collection. These successful projects were followed up by a release on DAVI‘s well respected Label Delysid Records entitled ‘Maradona’, which also was the duo’s first time breaking into Beatport’s Top 100 chart.

1. Sonantis – ID
2. Sonantis – ID
3. ID – ID
4. Vanita – Cohesion (Available December 06th)
5. Sonantis – ID
6. Sonantis – ID
7. Vanita – Displacement (Available December 06th)
8. Sonantis – ID
9. ID – ID
10. Sonantis – ID
11. HVOB – Zinc (Sonantis Remix)
12. Fatoumata – Under the Moon

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