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By definition a Vagabond is a wanderer with no set place. Adopting this as their musical ethos was a natural progression for Anthony Pace and Eddy Wells who waltzed onto the scene in 2019. Embracing their already diverse love of house music has enabled them to truly explore their possibilities and create a unique soundscape that aims to bring people together. Their goal is to create a movement of hedonistic good times wrapped with a ribbon of respect.

01. Jamie Jones – Summertime (SIS Remix)
02. Harrison Morris – Steady Drip (Original Mix)
03. C.P.R. (Crosson, Patrick, Reeves) – A Piece of History_MMM
04. Capeesh Society – Talking Drums
05. SIS – Lolo (Original Full Version)
06. Filip Fisher, Saulo Ferraro – High Depth (Original Mix)
07. Prunk – Amor (Original Mix)
08. Chris Stussy – Try Again (Original Mix)
09. Shonky – Jazz (Original Mix)
10. Cinthie – Together (Original)
11. Jelly For The Babies – Johannesburg (Daniel Meister Remix)
12. Markus Nikolai – Bushes (Archie Hamilton’s Innocent Understatement)

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