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The Multi-instrumentalist Words of Nio is crafting a sound that is not pretentious but defines his sonic identity as hypnotic and emotional! Since an early age he understood the power of sound as a healing tool and a way to unite people from all walks of life. Driven by different variations of electronic music and years of touring and performing with live indie/alternative bands influenced by the likes of New Order, Depeche Mode, underworld among others, It was clear the quest he was on.

His love for live music performance was never a distraction for what he calls fate and the introduction to electronic music! From an Ibiza residency at Sankeys in 2016 to ADE in 2019 and Mixmag The LAB in 2019, Words of Nio loves to create and spends all his time between Atlanta and Ibiza, either playing or producing, while musically considering himself a sound chameleon due to his willingness to change and adapt and unwillingness to stick to one formula. He is currently in the studio exploring new textures, colors, formulas where he steps away from his comfort zone in order to push his own boundaries.

01. Main Leaf – That Part of Future (Original Mix)
02. Thor Rixon, Roxy Caroline – He Held Him Close feat. Roxy Caroline (Stimming Remix)
03. He did – El Silencio de Lo Que Fue (Adrianho’s Re-Constructed Remix)
04. C.A.R – Idle Eyes (Roman Fluegel Remix)
05. Trikk – Movement (Original Mix)
06. Sergie Rezza – Reborn Sounds of Childhood Dream
07. Pongo – Crocodile (Original – Extended Mix)
08. Percent – Amor Mental (Original Mix)
09. Sarcasmo & Words Of Nio – Shadows (Original Mix)
10. Jos & Elix – Atomica (Original Mix)
11. Oz, Jackmate – Dirty Hairy (Original Mix)
12. Denis Horvat – Tajna (Original Mix)
13. Rico Puestel – Plentone (Original Mix)
14. kuniyuki. Newwave Project 2 (Call Super Mix)
15. Tom Flynn – Avenue A (Original Mix)

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