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Fec stands for Future Eternal Companion, referring to the ever eternal meaning of music that will last for all eternity. Based in the city of Juarez, Mexico, Fec has played in some of the most important venues of the area including Hardpop, which is one of the most important clubs in the country. Since starting his musical journey in 2012, his single ‘Evil Touch’ in the Bosnian label Submarine Vibes opened the doors for more releases in labels such as Steyoyoke, KBD Records, Dialtone Records, Balkan Connection South America, WOOD (Spain), Mr.Moutarde, Chrom Recordings and his own label, Anathema Records.

01. B.A.X. – Dandelions (Original Mix) – Sound Avenue
02. Abschaum – Amour Liquide (Bozart Remix) – AZZUR
03. Kosmas – Nothing More Than Feelings (Original Mix) – AZZUR
04. Orsery – All Eyes On You (Original Mix) – Slowciety
05. Denis Horvat – Patenta (Original Mix) – Vokabularium
06. Shan – Schlagzeug (Original Mix) – Running Back
07. Gab Rhome – What Kind Of Guru Are You (Original Mix) – Rendez-vous
08. Radeckt – Mizmar (Original Mix) – Frau Blau
09. Kosmas – Pan Metro Ariston (Original Mix) – AZZUR
10. Fec – Lost In Memories (Original Mix) – Anathema Records
11. Fec – Devotion (Original Mix) – Anathema Records
12. Totoray – Until The End (Musumeci Remix) – Interlight

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