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Free-trade, curated, fresh and vinyl powered; HITO’s set serves as a Techno church for all to pay homage. The raw resolution intrinsic of her music grew out from the orb of Japan into the underground belly of Ibiza and Berlin, on to top charting artist internationally and unofficial ambassador of Japan’s sub-culture. Hito’s absolute allegiance to her art created an international home for everyone to journey to. Hito has earned multiple accolades and nominations. Hito’s offline foundation cuts caked and simulated noise, forever uniting and revealing the invisible beauty discovered by listeners.

01. Midori Hirano – October(Original mix)
02. HITO x Background – WA(Original mix)
03. George Adi – Party People(Original mix)
04. SUDO – Abstract (Original mix)
05. Carlo Ruez – Don’t know(Original mix)
06. HITO x DJ Dep – Mama Napoli(Original mix)
07. DJ Dep – Once Again(Original mix)
08. HITO x SUDO – Hale (Ken Ishii mix)
09. SHAWNECY – Kobey(Original mix)
10. Drunken Kong – Begin(Original mix)
11. Fabio Florido – Nagual(Original mix)
12. Toru Ikemoto – FFFFFFFFFFuyo(Original mix)
13. HITO x SUDO – Hale (Johnny Trika mix)

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