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In love with the art of sound, amháin’s world is a tonal and rhythmical atmosphere that invites those listening to lose themselves in a musical journey – finely crafted, well considered, hypnotic and everlasting.

Beginning his life in Dublin Ireland, and furthering his travel abroad, amháin has established himself as an essential dj within the underground house music scene in Australia. A crowd favourite amongst punters you’ll find him playing week in, week out at Australia’s biggest and most exciting clubs and festivals, including Subsonic, S.A.S.H., Return To Rio and Blueprint.

His musical approach combined with his gentle and humble spirit has seen him play alongside the likes of Lee Burridge, Hernan Cattaneo, Hoj, Matthew Dekay, Guy Gerber, Dj T, Radio Slave, Atish, YokoO & Mathew Jonson.

01. Mark Allow – Midnight Shadows (Krad)
02. Breadman – Grillo (Krad)
03. Mark Alow – Western winds (Krad)
04. Talal & Zoi – Between The Lines (Nature Of Music Remix) (For The People)
05. Breadman – Echo (Kootz Music)
06. Mark Alow – Little Helper 252-2 (Little Helpers)
07. Acid Pauli & Nico Stojan – Acid Revisited (OuÔe)
08. Jessica Diaz – Designio (Moral Fiber)
09. Coqorico – Comptine (Bla Bla)
10. JP Elorriaga – Black Hole (Krad)
11. Martin Aquina, Prab K – Fences (Sit Down Records)
12. Modd – Magic Footsteps (Kindisch)
13. Bengal (SF) – Masada (Manjumasi)

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