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“This mix was inspired by all the distant shores where we’ve made a beach landing to play pool parties at sunset or the after party at dawn. We have a reputation for playing slow that we need to uphold and went digging through our all-time slow burners for you to stay home and make love to. Peace and art to our people world-wide.”

Birds Of Rhythm like to fly south for the winter. They love digging for records on distant shores and in bustling cities far and wide. Since forming Lips & Rhythm Records in 2014, both Soleil Kellar and Jesse Sizmo have spent much time building a family of wildly talented artists at home in San Francisco and overseas on tour. Their label releases warm timeless grooves in vinyl, digital and cassette format and jokingly has a ‘safari tours’ department. Birds Of Rhythm hone in on the likes of jazz drum breaks to disco, house and the occasional rare groove 45 when they’re in the booth.

01. Vladi Strecker – Midnight Ocean (Smooth Night Mix)
02. My Friend Dario – Monti Rossi
03. M.O. – Foreign Affair (Navid Izadi Edit)
04. Luna e DJ DCri – Acabou Como Comecou
05. Paris Bis – Unis Dans La Nuit Unique
06. Greg Paulus – Daisy Duke
07. ????
08. Dia.L – Everything Is Everything
09. Riccio – Love Is Gone
10. Francis Inferno Orchestra – Oasis (Erotikk Mix)
11. ????
12. ????
13. M5K – Absolutely Real
14. ????
16. Jura Sound System – Mamma Capes
17. ????
18. Steve Moore – Zen Spiders
19. The Phill & Friends Band – This Man
20. Ian Blevins & NY AK – Work It Out
21. Smith & Mudd – Mhor (Lexx Remix)
22. Izzy Wise – Jazz Biscuit – (Forthcoming on Lips & Rhythm Records)
23. Brine – Horizon (Lips & Rhythm Records)
24. Matt Chiavaroli – Golden Hour
25. Bad Kids Beach Club – Del Arrecife (Forthcoming on Lips & Rhythm Records)

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