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Kondor influenced, by the Greek, international techno and old style progressive scene. Currently his mixing style is about bass frequencies, high tech sounds with a deep and emotional aspect.

Stay tuned for more music and news.

1. Uner – Monamem
2. Agoria, Nicolas Becker – Gravity
3. Alex D’Elia, Danny Fontana – Drink to Get Drunk (Alberto Ruiz & Hugo Bianco remix)
4. Marco P – Politics (Alberto Ruiz Remix)
5. Nodin, Inphasia – Elise (Alberto Ruiz Remix)
6. Gregor Tresher – Goliath
7. Oscar Aguilera – Infernal Poison
8. Splinter (UA) – Who is Mochika
9. M’Ocean – Restless (Proper Villains Dub)
10. Moett C – The Knowing (Cesar M Remix)
11. Cosmic Boys – Tribute (Citizen Kain Remix)
12. Sasha Carassi – Old Rustle
13. Bryan Zentz – D-Clash (Matador IE Remix)

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