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Carlos Martinez better known as Marzzeta is an Ecuadorian born DJ/Producer that now resides in Miami. His musical journey began when he was 16. After being immersed in the world of electronic music, Marzzeta started playing and showcasing his talent in the best clubs in his hometown, Guayaquil. At 19 years old, he moved to Florida to pursue his career in Sound Engineering.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Steve Lawler and Carl Cox to name a few; has lead him to start making his own beats and melodies trying to come up with an unique and individual sound that make the audience fall into a state of abstraction.

Marzzeta´s music and live sets are well known for their exotic vocals, fat bass-lines and tenacious arrangements. He has performed all over Miami, including Do Not Sit On The Furniture, Treehouse, among others well known clubs in the city.

Humble, witty, and always with a sparkling music taste, Marzzeta is definitely an artist that brings what you expect and more.

1. Manu Desrets – Angels Flight (Original Mix)
2. Burnski – Coming Home (Original Mix)
3. Italoboyz, Blind Minded – Rainbow Bended (Original Mix)
4. Dead Space – Follow Me (Original Mix)
5. Igor Kostoski, Dj Lowell – Brain Control (Original Mix)
6. Latmun – Cosmic (Original Mix)
7. Animal Trainer . Function None (Original Mix)
8. Andrea Oliva – Elephant (Original Mix)
9. Charles Ramirez – Suburbs Sounds (Original Mix)
10. Mhek, Andres Pesqueira – Big Dreamz (Mr Jefferson Remix)
11. Rick Sanders – Metropolis (Original Mix)
12. Maur – Get Dumb (Original Mix)
13. Howld – Go Back (Original Mix)
14. Marco Lys, The Deepshakerz – A New Route (Right On Dirty Sneakers Remix)
15. Rodriguez Jr. – Mistral (Original Mix)

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