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Growing up in Australia and now residing in Canada, Murray first got into music as a classically trained guitarist. Later on he discovered dance music and fell in love with it after hearing the power of some of dance musics strangest creations played in clubs around the world.

An avid DJ/producer, Murray draws inspiration for his music from the natural world around him and aims to provide a contrast between spaced out electronica and twangy organic rhythms.

He has warmed the stage for several major acts and continues to dig deep into his record collection for each occasion.

1. Four Tet, Rocketnumbernine – Metropole [TEXT]
2. Dj Sotofett – Ibiza Dub [HONEST JONS]
3. Luvless, M.Ono – Never Gonna Leave You [O*RS]
4. To Rococo Rot – He Loves Me
5. Vangelis Katsoulis – Enigma (Young Marco Remix) [SAFE TRIP]
6. Ponty Mython – Wet Floor [ARMA]
7. John Daly – Count To Zero [WAVE]
8. Kuniyuki Takahashi – Birds [MULE MUSIC]
9. Francois K – Hypnodelic [WAVE]
10. Keita Sano – Life Has Changed [MISTER SATURDAY NIGHT]
11. Street Corner Symphony – Symphonic Tonic [MORE VINYL]
12. SDC – First Glance [CLONE ROYAL OAK]
13. MD* + VS* + LR* ft. Mike Dunn – Nothing Stays The Same (V.S Lost In The Groove Mix) [EQUAL RECORDS]

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