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Robert Deep is a British-born DJ and producer, heavily influenced by the 90s era of Detroit, NY and Chicago. His DJ sets are characteristically filled with soul and jazz influenced cuts, appropriately leaning towards the ‘deep’ side of dance music. Over the last few years, this young producer has narrowed down the raw, analogue based 90s sound in both his own productions and DJ sets.

*The mix was recorded using only Vinyls

1. Fresh & Low- Seven Miles Up
2. Brawther- Le Voyage
3. Mike Huckaby- Another Fantasy
4. Moodymann- Music People
5. Fresh & Low- Cool Side
6. SoundStream- Soul Train
7. Groove Collective- Everybody (Mood II Swing Dub)
8. Angel Moraes- For Love & Peace
9. Giant Wheel- Retrash
10. Octave One- DayStar Rising
11. Fresh & Low- Feels So Good
12. Sakro- Lemonade
13. Roach Motel- Wild Luv
14. Armando- Downfall
15. Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie- Liberace’s Fever!

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