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Meia is a young talent rising from Russia. For many years she has been involved with electronic music and recently she has developed her preference for techno as a DJ.

Her musical vision is influenced mostly by artists like Ben Klock, Recondite, Tale Of Us, Woo York, Etapp Kyle, among many others.

Meia’s mixes bring deep stories with kind of melancholic atmosphere and through powerful dance tracks.

2017 is the start of her artistic career. She’s about to release some tracks in the near future and embrace her new way of life.

1. Woo York – Barythmia
2. Recondite – Hundred1
3. Ness – A Personal Voyage
4. Woo York – Alien Worlds
5. Recondite – PSY
6. Acronym – Epidermis
7. Pär Grindvik – Tradition
8. Avoid & Frequency Movements – Destinacija 03
9. Kas:st – 11.11
10. Mathame – Prophecy
11. Developer – The Sphere
12. Nitam – Cancellate

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