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J Gabriel (aka Chuffing Buffy) is a NYC-based project focused on bringing decidedly underground sounds to a wider audience. This mission is pursued through an Akai MPC60-based recording studio and an abundant collection of vinyl-only dance music.

J Gabriel’s Chuffing Buffy moniker houses the stranger, more twisted sounding productions that are often inspired by Brooklyn’s after hours where excessive time has been spent absorbing the different types of gnarly styles and sounds. Waking up super early after a good night’s rest and hitting the after hours dance floor until late in the afternoon is an experience that keeps the inspiration going for Chuffing Buffy’s freshest material.

There is certainly an old school approach to J Gabriel’s work, both in the studio and behind the decks, which takes cues from classic House, funky minimal, and even dub-techno. Whether as J Gabriel or Chuffing Buffy, you can always expect a highly detailed and encompassing approach to music, rooted in a love affair with the dance floor and the community which forms around it.

1. Jackie – Passages
2. Tijn – Motherfcker 32
3. Moi – A1 06
4. Tato – Met
5. Sebo K – Glow
6. Constant – CB 003 001
7. Mancini – Jijijaja (Cab Drivers Remix)
8. Traumer – Bjorigine
9. Silat Beksi – Shushu
10. Kidoz – Nar
11. Oprea Timpu – Smooth
12. Lisière Collectif – J 1103 -14
13. Neik – Dresdener Straße
14. Prodot – Sorbitol
15. Felipe Forte, Mike Shannon – Take The High Road
16. Occult Funk – Placid Keys
17. Lixir – Sunshine

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