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After a release with Soloman’s records which garnered international recognition by the very artists he had so idolized, he felt the need to push further ahead and to reach a wider range of audiences; The passion of understanding the behavior and modulation of waveforms to spectrums that extend beyond the realm of sound. An art craft that does not end on the decks, but to further depths. Reaching into our own perception, thoughts and (em)otions.

In the coming weeks, months and years, this crafter looks forward to new and ever more challenging opportunities to imagine, create and refine the way we hear sound and music. His desire to delve beyond the capacities of any one instrument to discover the nature of sound itself colors all of his work, and his sincerest hope is that his work resonates by coloring the lives of others.

01. Woo York – Inception (Original Mix)
02. Legit Trip – Little Helper 307-3 (Original Mix)
03. Arkady Antsyrev – Little Helper 321 -1 (Original Mix)
04. Jack Cheler – Dwarf Wars (Original Mix)
05. August Artier – White Lies (Original Mix)
06. Lee Burridge, Lost Desert – K bug (Street Talk Mix)
07. JP Elorriaga, Mark Alow – Immersion (Original Mix)
08. Arkady Antsyrev – Little Helper 321-2 (Original Mix)
09. Daniel Lera – If Is Cool (Original Mix)
10. Vincent Casanova – Game Of Thrills (Original Mix)
11. Doubtingthomas – Cognitive Dissonance (Cristi Cons Remix)
12. Adisyn – Digital Heart (Original Mix)
13. Bart van Rijn – Spyder (Rhadow Remix)
14. Alessio Viggiano – Cosmic Soul (Original Mix)
15. Calou – Leaves (Original Mix)
16. Loy – Voyage Prive (Swoy Remix)
17. F.eht, Laughing Man – Sla¥inte (Original Mix)
18. Fedotov – Music Or Love (Original Mix)
19. Fly District – El Pintor (Original Mix)
20. Daniel Avery – Quick Eternity (Original Mix)

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