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Born and grown up in Canary Island, Spain but originally from India Sony has been interested in music from a very early age, learning to play instrument such as piano, trumpet, guitar and percussions.

Sony had his first contact with electronic music at the age of 15 in a friend’s house, where he made his first mix, since that day his interest in electronic music has grown day by day, making him play music publicly in local bars and clubs, and improve his studio productions.

01. Legit Trip – Grib (Original Mix)
02. NTFO – Down Broke (B2)
03. Jon Donson, Buraq – Hang Around (Soul Minority Remix)
04. Serge Devant – White Groove (Original Mix)
05. Tom Neatis – Train the brain (Original Mix)
06. Sergio Saffe – Loewe (William Kraupp Remix)
07. Bien Lopez – Real Drummers (Original Mix)
08. Ohmme – Helium (Original Mix)
09. iO Mulen – Airflow
10. Enzo Siragusa, Nima Gorji – Foreal (Djebali remix) (B1)
11. Kevin Toro & Maximiliano Haas – Same Game (Original Mix)
12. Alexkid – Reset (Archie Hamilton Remix)

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