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Hacobb is an underground dj, producer & designer currently based in Athens. With mixed origins from Scotland & Greece and constantly moving places in his childhood, James found a true home in electronic music. Influenced by early trance and prog era, Hacobb productions balance between the lines of progressive house and techno with a focus on abstract atmospheres, driving chord progressions and chunky percussion, creating a blend of timeless melodies & feelings. In his dj sets he wishes to engage the listener-passenger on a deeper mindset, while through different stages of emotions lead to a cathartic experience. Hacobb recently released his debut EP on TH;EN’s ‘Mogador’ imprint followed by a 4 track EP on ‘Another Life Music’ and has a steady schedule of both original releases and remixes lined up ahead. The journey has only just begun.

01. Hacobb – Archaic Beyond
02. Hiver – Tangerine
03. Hacobb – Dialogues
04. Hacobb – Chasing Seagulls
05. Hacobb – Outland Expanse
06. Hacobb – Kite
07. Analog Jungs – Phoenix (Subandrio Remix)
08. Taka Boom, Mono Electric Orchestra – Lost Track (Deep Vox)
09. Hacobb – BTW
10. Nila & Paula OS – Close
11. Kenshi Kamaro – Snow In The Desert
12. Hacobb – North Wind

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