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Like brothers from another mother, Surreal Flight was born on the basis of friendship and chemistry. With an exquisite taste and concept of music, this up and coming duo have managed to convey that which their name expresses – An inevitable flight into a surreal world that exists only through the passion and love for music.

Mastering the ‘art of the opener’, Surreal Flight has gone under the wing of legendary DJ/Producer BEHROUZ ever since the inception of Do Not Sit On The Furniture almost five years ago. Opening for many of the world’s top DJ’s in different genres ranging from Tale Of Us, Matthew Dekay, Mira, Bedouin, to Nu, Be Svendsen, Oceanvs Orientalis , just to name a few, Surreal Flight is a name to be recognized for always playing the adequate music for the headliner of the night, plus you can add that their own headlining sound can cause some serious damage in a room. “Mood Creators trying to be good Selectors”

01. Intro – Valeron
02. Macorina – Sainte Vie
03. Wabi Sabi – Moscoman Rmx
04. Frika – Gulivert Rmx
05. Earth Sounds – Sis
06. Solstice – Seam Miller
07. Karmir Nur – Sis
08. Baladi – Mehmet Aslan Rmx
09. Gandul – Brigade Crew, Crisstiano
10. Apate – Innellea
11. Devila – Trikk
12. Ederlezi – Argy Edit
13. Circle Of Life – Keybe, Segg

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