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Black Blooms are a duo based out of London who have consistently been performing all over the UK and Europe as well as in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. They have released on Point Blank Records as well asMinistry of Sound Recordings and bring forth their unique house music to Union Jack Records along with Miguel Puente.

Miguel Puente is born and bred in Mexico and currently resides in Barcelona. He has played in some of the most world renknown clubs in Mexico, South America, and Europe and has released on labels such as No. 19 Music, Hot Waves, Dynamic, Cajual, OFF Recordings, and many more. He consistently charts on Top 100 in Beatport and he is still under 30 years old.

Miguel Puente’s remix starts off this 2 track EP with a thumping bassline that will get you moving off the bat. The groovy chords and tribal outlay will surely make you feel as if you are slicing through the jungles of Mexico. Miguel’s remix of Black Bloom’s ‘Downtown’ is set for the dance floor during peak time while the original mix slows things down a bit. Black Bloom’s rendition of ‘Downtown’ puts forth a bit more of a darker take on things allowing the listener to journey into oblivion and get lost in the music.

Release Date: October 12th, 2016


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