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Following Eddie Niguel’s ‘Back2Basics’ Remix EP release on Integrity is the debut EP by Italian house stalwart Kocleo whose recent release have been championed by the likes of Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Joris Voorn and Marco Faraone just to name a few. First appearing on the label with an impressive remix, Kocleo delivers four house-inspired cuts filled with rich analog goodness along with his signature style.

Prying the EP open in a big way is title track, ‘Choice’, a uniquely crafted arrangement with warped vocals, pensive pads and bubbling accents bouncing off a rising bassline to raise those hands in the air. In a deep west coast house vein but with more bang, ‘Unity’, plays quick keys off broken chords and a jackin low-end — always a great interplay. Kocleo gets into a darker, noisier and grittier room for the afterhour-pleaser ‘Keep Faith’ before ‘Get It On’ closes the EP with a fat and squelching bassline chugger for the lovers of all things house and analog.

“Choice is the gift of our existence, choose the path of unity and keep faith that one day we will all be living in this world as brothers and sisters….”

Release Date: February 22nd, 2017


1. Choice
2. Unity
3. Keep Faith
4. Get It On

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