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7th Star is a music duo composed of Valentina Black and Nihil Young, both hailing from Italy. Their recent release on Toolroom Ibiza is a massive success and so are their signings on KMS records, King Street Sounds, and Tulipa. The 7th Star duo is now hitting the Bimini shores!

They came up with a lovely three pack EP called “Atlantis“. Atlantis features wet synths taking you to an ocean of out there melodies, all topped by floating vocals. Space Caravan will surely hit many dance floors worldwide with its uplifting groove and psychedelic tones. Adhama goes strong with acid sounds and intense rhythm, repetitive though exciting vocals make it a solid song.

The 7th Star duo will make you reach high up towards the sky, reach down deep in the seas and dream of a new world where music genres do not exist.

Release Date: June 24th, 2016


  1. Atlantis
  2. Space Caravan
  3. Adhama
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