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After last years success with their collab EP „Salt Water“ on Twin Town Ackermann and Erlenbrunn team up again for another quality 2 tracker, this time on Traktor Records!

The new material is quite different to their last collabs: While “Salt Water” was all about warm grooves and light sounds, this EP is definetely darker, dirtier, more dubbed-out and deeper from the rabbit hole in comparison!

Ackermann who lately is on a run with big releases on Kling Klong, Danse Club, Tenampa or Mobilees Leena Records teams up with Erlenbrunn a second time who recently had offerings via Freude am Tanzen and Twin Town and again they go out of both their usual comfort zones by delivering something stylistically quite unexpected.

The melodic lead track “Cheaters” puts the setting to a hazed out dancefloor filled with disappointed lovers who are dancing for a cleansing as the morning breaks and “Sip” is a tape echo drenched heavy groover that sounds like viennas Downbeat aficionados of the G-Stone possee from  back in the days and Timo Maas had a baby that was born on a club-subwoofer in 2016.

Release Date: June 7th, 2016


  1. Cheaters
  2. Sip
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