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Anathema Records is back with ‘Veritas’, the second release which brings fresh deep house sounds from German artists Jacques Muller, also known as Affect! Jacques’ production skills have led him to release music on well known and respected imprints, such as Moodmusic Records, Crossfrontier Audio, and Save Us, just to name a few. Affect! Is teaming up with Thyladomid, and Philipp Kempnich for two incredible throbbing remixes.

The first track giving the title to the EP, ‘Veritas’ is a masterpiece by Affect! That includes a majestic vocal accompanied by a transcendent arps groove making it a versatile piece or art. Then, ‘Kilia’ starts with building up a cozy mood with a drum groove followed by mesmerizing synths, and warm pads reaching its climax with an ambitious and harmonious bass line.

In the last part of the EP, we have Thyladomid remixing ‘Veritas’ with a more techy sound turning the masterpiece to something deeper at the time of testing it on the dance floor. And last but not least, Philipp Kempnich transforms ‘Kilia’ to otherworldly atmospheres resting on top of a steady, infectious bass line.

Release Date: March 10th, 2017


1. Veritas
2. Kilia
3. Veritas (Thyladomid Remix)
4. Kilia (Philipp Kempnich Remix)

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