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This year’s summer is coming to an end, and we have a big surprise on this EP, it’s all about late summer sunset and sunrise vibes.

We are more than happy to welcome London’s well known DJ and Producer and Dogmatik Record boss, Alex Arnout; having released amazing works on other labels such as Infuse, No Fit State, One Records, Vitalik. He also has a busy schedule playing at well-known electronic music outposts like DC10, Off Sonar in Spain, Watergate, as well as regular appearances at London’s Fabric nightclub and CircoLoco parties.

On this release he teamed up with Ecuador’s Pancho Piedra, a well-known artist for more than 15 years in the country electronic music scene.  He is the fourth generation of a family who have been bound body and soul to different radio stations, a vision and mission that began with his bis grandfather about 50 years ago. Back in the days he had the chance to begin at an early age to develop DJ and mixing skills. Over the years he has released in different renowned labels such as Adjunct Audio, Savia Park and also on his own label Prestige Worldwide, where he has counted with artists  like Jay Haze , Jose Wated or James Teej.  Also he’s linked to some of the best parties in Ecuador like Tripy Tripy Fest,  Montañita’s Lost Beach Club or even  a Boiler Room Night.

Alex and Pancho deliver 2 original tracks plus a remix from IDR label heads Jou, Light IDR and Don KX.   On “La Finca” EP first track, “Vilca Sounds” the duo delivers deep organic sounds, smooth bassline and sampled vocals, perfect for early hours.   Jou, Light and Don KX have stepped out for the Vilca Sounds” Remix on a rolling melodic journey that evolves into a mysterious break with dark synthes at its best. Last track “Clonazepados” it’s a story about freaked out hypnotic acid, atmospheres and a perfect old school vibe.

We are more than happy to have the debut of these two masterminds to our family, and also honored and thrilled of working with such talented artists. Stay close, stay tuned, be prepared for InfraDig next releases coming soon!

Release Date: September 1st, 2016


  1. Alex Arnout & Pancho Piedra – Vilca Sounds
  2. Alex Arnout & Pancho Piedra – Vilca Sounds ( Jonathan Jou , Light IDR , Don KX Remix)
  3. Alex Arnout & Pancho Piedra – Clonazepados
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