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Alex Kennon shares some of his favorite tunes

First introduced to the realms of music at just 6 years old, it comes as no surprise Italy’s Alex Kennon’s multi-genre record collection is as diverse as the worldwide venues he’s played at over the last couple of years.

With a new release forthcoming on Romanian imprint Yaww Recordings alongside Italian production trio Joyfull Family entitled ‘The Party Is Over’, and weekly residencies at Pacha Ibiza and performances alongside the likes of Maceo Plex, Adam Beyer, and Damian Lazarus lined up – we caught up with the ever evolving Alex Kennon to find out a bit more about some of his favourite tracks, as well as some of the tracks that have inspired him right from his early musical beginnings.

Electronic Genre

1.  Taras Van de Voorde – 1998 ( Deetron Remix)(Rebirth)

“I can only describe this Deetron Remix as pure stardust. It’s been 5 years after the release of ‘1998’, but I’m still playing it and it’s always equally as good as the first time I ever heard it. An A-class production.”

2. Soul Capsule – Lady Science ( NYC Sunrise Remix)(Trelik)

“Maybe surprisingly, this track is 17 years old. But I’ll just say: close your eyes, listen and be taken to another world for the next 11 minutes.”

3. Jimmy Edgar – Sex Drive (Scuba’s Dub of Doom)(Hotflush Recordings)

“This track is a real mosaic of styles. From acid house vibes to hints of classic Kraftwerk – this is a super track with a cool 80’s flavour, thanks to the retro pads and Vocoders. Jimmy Edgar and Scuba are both amazing.”

4. Axel Boman – Nokturn (Pampa Records)

“This is probably one of my favourite Axel Boman tracks. ‘Nokturn’ is a trip with an uplifting end, and you can just stay for minutes deep in the atmosphere before the big drop comes in. When I listen to this track I just think, PARTYY!”

5. Romanthony – The Wanderer ( Dixon Edit )(Glasgow Underground)

“Dixon is undeniably an amazing performer, and in my opinion, this edit of ‘The Wanderer’ is definitely one of his best. With the unmistakable vocals from Romanthony, this track brings a really cool blend of electronic music, soul & blues, historically deriving from black origins. It’s tracks like these that make me really happy about what I do, because it makes you realize that electronic music has no limits.”

Non-Electronic Genre

1. Slave – Stellar Fungk

“The track was made in 1978, and it’s still one of my favourites. My father introduced me to this track so it’s definitely special to me, but the best element of ‘Stellar Fungk’ is the individual instruments; every single one just sounds beautiful.”

2. Simply Red – Picturebook (Elektra)

“In my opinion, this is one of Mick Hucknall’s best creations. Whenever I listen to ‘Picture Book’, I just close my eyes and let my mind get carried away with the music.”

3. Kadebostany – Jolan (Mental Groove Records)

“Kadebostany’s visual identity is super original, plus the lead singer’s voice is very striking. They’re a young Swiss band that have been around since 2008, I just really love the concept.”

4. The Cure – Lullaby (Fiction Records)

“The Cure have been one of my favourite bands from the moment I started to speak! They’re timeless, and I have every single one of their albums – they remind me so much of my adolescence.”

5. Francis The Great – Look Up in the Sky (Hot Casa Records)

“This is real music. From the first moment I listened, I was hooked by this afro-funk track. The voice is completely hypnotic, but the instrumental parts are incredible too.”

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