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SCI+TEC welcome Italian powerhouse duo Alfa Romero to the family. Building on an impeccable body of work that dates back over a decade and features labels such as Dirt Crew and their own highly respected Alfa Romero Recordings, ‘Ten Leaves’ is their debut for Dubfire’s imprint… And they’re noting the occasion with one of their most infectious grooves to date.

‘Ten Leaves’ is a broadsword slice of bass-hewn house that pumps relentlessly and flickers with barbed soul luminescence thanks to restrained use of a vocal and infectious bassline hook. Gathering momentum on the breakdown with another layer of synths on the riff, this has summer written all over it.

Remix-wise Rotterdam techno trooper Benny Rodrigues ignites his ROD guise for two superb revisions: Remix One focuses on the dubby textures of the original and brings them to the fore in a boldly abstract way that will blow your dancefloor’s en mass mind. Remix Two hits the nitro button for an all-out energetic bull-charge that refuses to quit from start to finish.

One floor-firing original, two turbo-charged remixes: SCI+TEC have all bases covered right here.

Release Date: July 14th, 2017


1. Ten Leaves
2. Ten Leaves (ROD Remix One)
3. Ten Leaves (ROD Remix Two)

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