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Andre Crom returns to OFF with 3 diverse tracks between the peaktime dancefloor and tripped out afterhour vibes.

The EP opens with the most driving track of the pack, aptly named ‘Acid Space’. Heavily driven 909 drums, an energetic Acid hook, and spaced out atmospheric FX sounds make for a formidable dancefloor weapon.

‘Drum Track’ combines more minimalistic drummachine- and organic percussions with an eponymous vocal.

‘Chaos And Form’ offers an unexpected detour from Crom’s recent releases, a dreamy and trippy reference to oldschool detroit techno, joining jam-style 909 and 808 drums with a hypnotic FM7-bassline and -bell-pattern.

Release Date: August 25th, 2017


1. Acid Space
2. Drum Track
3. Chaos And Form

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