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The time is here again and we couldn’t be happier to present the sophomore installment of our various artist series SUM. With twelve stunning tracks from label mainstays and artists new to Second State, the release covers the full spectrum of cutting-edge techno.

From the intensely euphoric compositions of Frankyeffe’s ‘Obscurity’ and Farrago’s ‘The World, The Flesh’ to Chris Hirose & HOURS’ ‘Where The Mind Lives’ and Frazier’s ‘Unknown Destination’, the release fulfills the desire for deeper, emotionally charged sonics while Wigbert’s ‘Balance’, Marco Resmann’s ‘Noococ’ and BEC’s ‘Two Tones’ fill the need for heavier ventures under the strobe lights. Falling somewhere in the middle of the previous two sonic states is Roman Lindau’s ‘Threat’, Ed Ed & Petra Virikko’s ‘Mon Desir’ and Philip Bader’s ‘Expose’ where infectious grooves and warehouse character conceive a pulse pounding journey through the shadowy club nights.

Last but not least are two stunning tunes from a couple of masters that need no description other than their names: Tobi Neumann with his new, techno-focussed alias NEUMANN delivering the mesmerising ‘Chu’ and Arjun Vagale’s powerful ‘Acid Test’.

Release Date: June 23rd, 2017


1. Wigbert – Balance
2. Roman Lindau – Threat
3. Philip Bader – Expose
4. NEUMANN – Chu
5. Marco Resmann – Noococ
6. Frazier – Unknown Destination
7. Frankyeffe – Obscurity
8. Farrago – The World, The Flesh
9. Ed Ed & Petja Virriko – Mon Desir
10. Chris Hirose & HOURS – Where The Mind Lives
11. BEC – Two Tones
12. Arjun Vagale – Acid Test

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