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After a stint in the Atacama Desert, label boss Art in Motion is back with these 3 Desert vibe tracks and a nice remix from the french producer Melokolektiv.

The main track ‘Desert’ is a percussive progressive tech groove, driven by the classic 808 toms with some funky and mellow analog synth lines.

Mellokolektiv remix is a dub version of the original. Using some of the main elements over a strong bass groove with some space textures in a very progressive and hypnotic way!

Third up, the listener meets ‘Kriya’. Bringing an almost festival atmosphere with eastern and techno influences.

Finally, rounding off the record is ‘Socaire’. Delivering the most prominent groove of the record with recognisable moog bass, organic percussion and lush synth lines. This is an effective, well produced track that’s primed for the floor.

Release Date: June 9th, 2017


1. Desert
2. Desert (Mellokollektiv remix)
3. Kriya
4. Socaire

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