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Timo Maas’s influential Rockets & Ponies label is back with a fantastic five track EP that comes from Atelier Francesco and features a remix from the boss in collaboration with Mark Deutsche, as well as two from the legendary Swayzak.

Atelier Francesco is a self styled sonic astronaut who “crafts the vibrations and sounds of our distant planet, constructing and remixing shards, shrapnel and shooting stars with his instruments made from meteors, debris and dust.” He does so on labels like Cocoon and CityFox and has played all over the world at top clubs like D Edge in Brazil.

First off is ‘Next to You,’ where Atelier links with Franz Matthews to create a magnificent nine minute deep house track with underlapping grooves, sombre piano chords and tender, pained vocals delivered with real emotion. Organic riffs on a bass guitar add texture and the whole thing oozes warmth and soul as it rolls on and on sucking you ever deeper in.

Swayzak is a key electronic producer who has been at the vanguard of the scene for 20 plus years. From his seminal fabric mix CD to his five albums and own eponymous label, everything he does is majestically minimal and always standout. His first Deep Mix here is just that, and strips the original back to an even more wallowing groove that is all consuming and emotionally stirring. His Deeper Mix then goes one further, layering in more magical synths that are haunting and heart broken. It is a rich piece of music that really encourages you to relax into it.

Francesco’s next original is ‘Lexical Syncopations,’ a more direct track built on broken beats. Warped synth stabs, foreign vocal mutterings and crisp, in your face percussion all add up to a truly inventive groove that cannot fail to standout in any set. Loopy and prickly, some minor chords add a little emotion to what is a very physical track.

Label boss and German production stalwart Timo Maas then steps up with Mark Deutsche to remix it into a more smooth and spooky deep techno roller that will add intrigue and freakiness to the floor.

This is a varied package that covers plenty of essential ground in real style.

Release Date: December 2nd, 2016


1. Atelier Francesco & Franz Matthews – Next To You
2. Atelier Francesco & Franz Matthews – Next To You (Swayzak’s Deep Mix)
3. Atelier Francesco & Franz Matthews – Next To You (Swayzak’s Deeper Mix)
4. Atelier Francesco – Lexical Syncopations
5. Atelier Francesco – Lexical Syncopations (Mark Deutsche & Timo Maas Remix)

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