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Audiohell shares some of his favorite tunes

Since the late 90’s Audiohell has held various roles during his career. Some of them includes: Artist Manager, Radio Speaker at Ibiza Global Radio, Recording studio owner and founder of different labels, the most important one, Digital Traffik.

This time he shares with us his Top 10 Digital Traffik releases.

1. Tania Vulcano – Climax (AudioHell remix)

“This track by Tania Vulcano was released a few months ago and had great success. I really enjoyed to create my own version without changing the original version. I think the final result is a really beautiful EP.”

2. Jose De Divina – Additive (Javi Bora, GMC Remix)

“Additive  is a beautiful track composed by my dear friend Jose de Divina. This track was originally released on vinyl, following up with a digital remix  version by Javi Bora and GMC.. and its basslines make me crazy!”

3. Martinez – Elevate

“When Martinez sent me this track, I fell in love immediatly on its sound. “Elevate” is a complex track, elegant and very refined … I never get tired of listening to it!”

4. Supernova – Light Up

“Light Up is a fresh track of our close friends Supernova, it was released on vinyl. I think that this song is simple but powerful and effective on dancefloors .. a real bomb!”

5. Aldo Cadiz – Gitanez (DJ Sneak Remix)

“Gitanez was a great vynil release for the label. Our expert producer Aldo Cadiz has always provided really excellent music to Digital Traffik. Here’s the legendary DJ Sneak Remix… A must have classic.”

6. Basti Grub – Tingog

“My friend Basti has never ceased to surprise me with his music. All his tracks produced on the label are beautiful. Tingog is his latest masterpiece .. will be out on vinyl very soon!”

7. ONNO – No Snoozin

“I can not forget our Dutchman, ONNO! His track “No Snoozin” has really made everyone dance! Powerful, electronic, acid … a really good production.”

8. CLiVe – We Start Moving

“We Start Moving is a track extracted from latest CLiVe’s EP , he’s the new A&R of Digital Traffik. I love all the sounds used in this track, very old school… Perfect for me!”

9. Nima Gorji – What The F… Is Happening

“I think this track has a truly absurd rhythmic base. An incredible journey that amazed me from the very first listen. Another great classic of Digital Traffik signed by Nima Gorji.”

10. Neverdogs – Capitan Guasch (Proudly People Remix)

“When my friends Neverdogs introduced me Captain Guash I must admit that I liked it a lot. The super-dub version of Proudly People really have completed this beautiful EP… Perfect for any kind of dancefloor!”

Digital Traffik’s next release is ‘Flair/Memento’ by Malatoid & Alex Henning and is out on the label on 22nd August, 2016.
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