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Culprit brings its 2016 to a close with the melodically refined release by Bambook & Javier Orduña. “Paloma” is a deeply felt tribute to Javier’s late wife. Ethereal, wistful and expressive the EP’s two original songs are authentic to their unique emotional content, while showcasing the collaborators’ shared artistic sensibility.

Intertwining minor key melodies, ghostly female vocals, memorable bassline hooks and fluid percussion unite the gentle “Paloma” and the more propulsive “Burundanga”.  The artists themselves rework the title track into a moody deep techno cut, with a cascading organ riff and a darker bassline pad that adds to a sense of foreboding.

Culprit also continue their recent Spanish motif with the remix by Eduardo De La Calle – one of the most interesting producers to emerge from Spain in the last few years. De La Calle stays true to “Paloma’s” emotionally charged feel, while adding his inimitable analogue minimalistic techno touch.

Release Date: December 16th, 2016


01. Paloma
02. Burundanga
03. Paloma (Eduardo De La Calle remix)
04. Paloma (Quina remix)

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