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Berlin tastemakers, Ballroom Records present the ‘Darksome Temper’ EP from Hamburg producer, Ben Champell as the next release to land on the label.

A strong lead in ‘Bring it Back’, which flows with it’s addictive rhythm, hypnotic ride cymbals and rising arps. Champell takes the reigns with his production, meticulous in execution with it’s growing intensity and powerful groove. A darker companion, ‘Blind Passenger’ is raw and industrial, a constant loop of atmosphere and ambience signed off with rolling percussions, one to enjoy when the sun starts to rise. Completing the EP is ‘Experimental’, perhaps a meeting of the two that preceded it, lighter in tone with it’s energetic kicks yet maintaining it’s dark mood with ethereal effects and a rumbling bassline.

A familiar face to the Ballroom Records roster, Ben Champell consistently delivers tech bombs with integrity. With recent releases on ONOFF Recordings and BluFin, not to mention previous releases on Banana Republic Music, PP Music, No Logik, Undercool, Smash Music and Deep Alliance to name only a few, plus numerous globetrotting gigs, Champell is well on his way to solidifying his presence within the industry.

Release Date: April 17th, 2017


1. Bring It Back
2. Blind Passenger
3. Experimental

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