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It’s the return of Fabian Braunbeck to the mighty O*RS label with a strong new four track EP. A release that’s title already lets us know the young German isn’t fooling around, for this is ‘Not Just Play Music’.

The Berlin boy has constructed 4 tracks of pure listening and body moving pleasure. Cutting to the core from the start with wild spheric tribal vibes, heavy bass line, drums n cowbells on the title track.

The ten minute tripped out odyssey of ‘Approaching Planet Future’ follows, before guest vocalist Two Hands charms us on the deep and smooth ‘Blue Eyes Baby’.

Braunbeck closes the EP with the scything synth chords, echoing vocal and pulsing bass of ‘Far Away’.

Release Date: February 24th, 2017


1. Not Just Play Music
2. Approaching Planet Future
3. Blue Eyes Baby
4. Far Away

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