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San Francisco-based Butane makes his debut on Jamie Jones’ Hottrax with three hypnotizing productions this October.

Founder of Alphahouse and Little Helpers, Andrew Rasse aka Butane has been building a solid reputation as a respectable DJ, producer and label owner for over a decade now. When not releasing his low-slung dancefloor focused cuts on his own imprints the multifaceted American has made appearances on SCI+TEC, Crosstown Rebels and Moan. He now appears on Hottrax joining a roster spanning wAFF, Patrick Topping, Mat.Joe, Bunte Bummler, Raumakustik, Dms12 and Jamie himself.

A gentle thud initiates ‘Addicted’, making way for a throbbing synth that warps and distorts throughout the mix whilst a fuzzy bassline operates beneath it. ‘Lock and Key’ focuses on intricate percussion whilst dusky atmospherics and a medley of nuances are introduced throughout before ‘Shark Attack’ concludes the package with a rumbling low-end and compelling groove.

Release Date: October 21st, 2016


A1. Addicted
A2. Lock and Key
B1. Shark Attack

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