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Early October will see Alphahouse boss Butane return to the imprint, armed with two rough-and-ready groove-centered productions.

A name to many within the world of house and techno, Andrew Rasse aka Butane has been releasing on the likes of SCI+TEC, Crosstown Rebels, Moan and his own imprints Little Helpers and Alphahouse for the past 10 years, consistently delivering productions that showcase his singular abilities within the studio. With a sound created through endless hard work and dedication to his craft, Rasse now finds himself as a central figure within the underground scene, and rightly so. Having recently touched down on Alphahouse to deliver his impressive ‘Preacher Man’ EP in June, the label head is back, this time offering up a two-track package that impressively showcases a darker, clubbier side to his productions.

‘Get Down’ opens the release with an escalation of quirky rave-inspired stabs laid over a punchy, underground-house beat structure. An echoing female vocal sample from a certain 80’s classic can be found floating effortlessly throughout the tracks seven-and-a-half-minute duration, providing listeners with a surge of uplifting energy and revealing a production firmly aimed at the late night dancefloor.

On the flip, the more reduced ‘That’s Right’ sets its foundation on a crisp organic percussion arrangement, before settling into a stripped back groove guided by rugged hard hitting drums and a hypnotic repeating chord. Rasse’s eerie vocal murmur punctuates the track, showcasing the precision and restraint he has become known for to great effect.

Release Date: October 3rd, 2016.


1. Get Down
2. That’s Right

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