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We’re ending July, with the heat rising and ElRow Music is going to tear up some dancefloors with yet another huge EP in the hands of two usual suspects on the scene. ERM109 is delivered by Caal & Baum, two characters that know elrows vibe and crowds to perfection. ‘Downtown’ EP is a two-tracker short take by the two Spaniards, that bring us a pair of real house bangers. 

Opening the EP we have ‘Downtown Beat’, a track that starts with a playful percussion, a crazy vocal loop, a groovy progression and some really funky FX, making this track an authentic incarnation of elrows dancefloor vibes: joy and electronic madness with that carnivalesque feel to it. 

Then we have ‘Funkin’, with a slower start, but that grows in strength, with a tighter percussion, a great hi-hat combo, stronger bass drum and alien sound FX and synth treatment, with the highlight being the steady male vocals along the track, that give this song a character and of its own. 

Both productions are ready to tear many dancefloors apart during the summer months, and strengthen elrow Music’s position as one of the most in-shape labels in the tech-house scene this year!

Release Date: July 25th, 2017


1. Caal & Baum – Downtown Beat 
2. Caal & Baum – Funkin

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