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A is for acid. B is for black. C is Charlie Thorstenson… A Swedish groove conjurer previously operating under the name Charlie Don’t Surf who’s right here making his debut on Ovum with four slabs of absolute black magic.

The moment that first abyssal acid plunge on ‘Svart’ hits you, you’ll be hooked. Spacious, dangerous but ultimately sexy with its husky vocal texture, roomy rhythm and confident strut – it lives up to its murky moniker for the whole eight and a half minutes.

‘Tusentals’ continues the sinewy acid vibe but from a much less tempered perspective. Upbeat, rippling and super-insistent; as the intensity rises and the thrusting pads swoop in you and your floor will be swept away with the dark funk momentum.

Finally we hit ‘When All You Hear Is Your Own Thoughts’. With a groove so broad and immersive it takes up two versions, there’s a real warmth to the Original Mix thanks to its grainy bass hook and stacks of space to two acid lines to entwine, tangle, twist and tease themselves into a sense-melting build. Those hungry to maintain that twisted headspace and entangled dynamic should also pay attention the more restrained Grey Version where all focus is fixed on the head-whirling, yearning, soaring synth textures that melt into every corner of the groove.

D is for dynamite: Charlie’s executed a perfect Ovum debut right here.

Release Date: March 24th, 2017


3.When All You Hear Is Your Own Thoughts (Original mix)
4.When All You Hear Is Your Own Thoughts (Grey Version)

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