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Chris Rusu signs the very first Curiosity Music’s album

This is a small step for music, a giant leap for Curiosity! After publishing eight EPs and a Summer Hors-Série that have already attracted the attention of some of the biggest DJs on the planet, the time has come for the Parisian label to release its very first full-length album, produced by Chris Rusu. The brilliant American producer reveals eight powerful, deep, melodic, stubborn and devilishly effective tracks… to which it will be very difficult to remain indifferent!

1. Abyss
Let yourself be dragged into the abyss. This disturbing and rhythmic intro will warm up your body and soul for the next seven tracks! Welcome to the world of Chris Rusu.

2. Multiverse
Here you are in the entrails of a monster, tossed in cadence by funky perforating percussions, hypnotic and groovy layers and a pounding synth that will not let you go!

3. Into Darkness
Even deeper, this progressive and melodic ode invites everyone to let go their thoughts and emotions while their body is almost hypnotized by a powerful bassline.

4. Our Place Among The Stars
From the depths, offer yourself a fabulous emotional lift towards the cosmos, where you can then glide in weightlessness. Do you have goose bumps? Well shout your love to whom you will!

5. Ascend
Love, joy and fullness. Swept along by a minimal groove and carried by Chris Rusu’s arpeggiator, this emotional and graceful ballad has everything of a festival closing track, at the sunrise…

6. Apollo
Rendezvous at a afterparty… on another planet! Through moments of pressure and instants of almost dissonant depression, this powerful and epic trip will bring you back unsuspected resources.

7. As Soft As Tears
Now way to stop here. This unifying trip is necessarily collective, to be lived on a beach, a terrace or just a little brighter dancefloor. Let your imagination wander… and dance!

8. Different Dimensions
Had you dreamed of hearing a voice, Chris Rusu offers you to admire his beloved Leah’s one. Without forgetting the rhythm, this final journey will open your last chakras and drive you to the ecstasy.

Release Date: September 26th, 2017


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