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The latest instalment on Christian Burkhardt’s retrospective/future-focused C&B Sessions projects sees him returning to one of the pivotal tracks of his career: ‘Doubledub’.

Released in 2009 but still slapping with finesse almost ten years later with its low-swung bassline, latent funk and evocative vocal, its elements resonate perfectly with everything going on in house and techno right now. These remixes couldn’t have landed at a better time.

Jamie Jones rolls in with a timeless rolling gem that gradually builds into an impeccable late night jack-out laced with surprise acid tendrils. J.C. Fous de la Mer brings the feels with a much slower, cosmic trip that lingers softly with spellbinding dubbed-out magic while Reboot unearths the techno beast that was always lurking beneath Christian’s funk. Stripped back machine funk at its finest, Reboot never disappoints.

Naturally Christian has also provided the original source material for those who want to kick it 2000s-style and for those who weren’t old enough to catch it the last time around. Join in if you know the chorus; Doobie doobie.

Release Date: September 8th, 2017


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