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Christian Burkhardt closed out 2016 with the release of his artist album ‘NONSTOP’. The long player featured a collection of tracks, some co-produced with Sascha Dive and Daniel Roth, that have been the mainstay of his own live sets for the past few years. Gathered together and finally seeing a release, the tracks showcase Christian’s skill for infusing his own funk, break beat and minimal house roots into his music, se him present a complex tapestry of melodies, grooves, tweaks, twists and layers.

Today the German producer revisits the project and asks a group of esteemed friends to lend their skills to reimagine and reshape a brace of tracks from the album. Brett Johnson kicks off the package with his edit of ‘Elector’. Crafting a fresh 4 to floor groove, the American adds a pulsating bassline and an arrangement that sees the track build to crescendo before dropping and movin’ on.

French producer Djebali also sets to work on ‘Elector’ and again it’s the bassline that leads. It’s weight being the foundation of the tracks understated and yet powerful minimal-funk. Closing the package is Argentinian beat architect Guti, who reworks ‘Fine Line’ into a hypnotic number with hidden pianos and echoing vocals that ghost beneath.

Release Date: May 12th, 2017


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