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Electronic Groove is thrilled to premiere a track from ‘Ramble’, the next EP on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth from budding London duo Cosmonauts. We had a quick chat with them about how the EP came about and the success they’re already enjoying from it… You can stream ‘Codiene Eyelids’ above.

EG: Tell us about your upcoming EP ‘Ramble’ which drops on Last Night On Earth on Friday. How did the connection with LNOE come about? 

Cosmonauts: We made the tracks and gave them to Sasha as an exclusive. He played them a lot and asked if we would like to put them out on LNOE.. We jumped at the chance.

EG: We’re premiering ‘Codeine Eyelids’, we love the track! Do you often find it easy to produce together? Or do you find you clash much in the studio? 

Cosmonauts: What tends to happen is one of us will have an idea and send it to the other.. If we both like it we’ll finish it off and then mix it in the techno dungeon… It’s all very easy going.

EG: The EP has been championed by Sasha at the likes of fabric and over in Miami, people are raving about it on Facebook. We’re curious, what role do you think social media plays in the music industry, and getting your tracks heard as an artist? 

Cosmonauts: We’re not massive fans of social media.. you just end up building an echo chamber around you of people patting each other on the back or complaining about shit… However, it is great at getting your tracks out to the world and I understand the importance it plays in promotion. I do think that there is a lot to be said for holding back tracks and keeping some mystery around them like we did with this… Obviously people putting videos online and trying to ID tracks played a massive part of the hype with ‘Ramble’.

EG: What can we expect from you this summer? 

Cosmonauts: We’ve got some new music that we are working on, some DJ mixes will be online soon too!

Release Date: March 31st, 2017


1. Ramble
2. Codeine Eyelids
3. Codeine Eyelids (Gheist Remix)
4. Thai Fighters

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