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Dachshund returns to his and Quenum’s Clapper imprint this October with his ‘Steady’ LP, an eleven-track collection from the Swiss producer and DJ. While some tracks have his signature Dachshund flavour: slicing hi hats, quirky beats and a hints of the artist’s drum and bass background (Booze, No Matter, Invisible), the album also explores a more melancholy and melodic side, offering deep and expertly arranged soundscapes with developing and inter-twining melodies (Helium, Sulfury Sweet, ‘Pine Grove’), always wrapped up in intricate beats, yet never really moving away from the dance floor.

More primal 4/4 needs are met with tracks such as Mass Effect, Back to the rhythm, and Phase Two leaving the listener completely satisfied when enjoying the album from start to end.
With a steady and quality flow of releases over the past couple of years on hi-end labels in addition to his own imprint, Dachshund presents us with an impressive and accurate snapshot of where he stands musically today, served up in a balanced and fulfilling package.

Release Date: October 10th, 2017


1. Dachshund – Tubular System
2. Dachshund – Ripe
3. Dachshund – Helium
4. Dachshund – Booze
5. Dachshund – Mass Effect
6. Dachshund – Back To The Rhythm
7. Dachshund – Invisible
8. Dachshund – Phase Two
9. Dachshund – Sulfury Sweet
10. Dachshund – Pine Grove

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