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After his debut on PUZL Records last year with the ‘Motor’ EP, Dan Jedynak returns to the imprint with a fresh sense of direction. ‘Temple’ is comprised of two wonderfully composed tunes each with their own unique characteristics, bound together by Jedynak’s uncompromising production quality.

The self titled single ‘Temple’ is an epic journey that weaves its way through hypnotic, progressive builds and powerful drum arrangements that continue to expand the auditory space with every passing beat. Ethereal, majestic and boundless are only just a few ways to describe this masterful piece of work.

While ‘Temple’ is more of a mental excursion, ‘Dreaming’ targets your physical senses with its snappy percussion layers, stabbing synths and powerful bass line grooves. A wonderful modulating chord progression breaks up the composition providing only slight respite before turning the dance floor back into a gathering of pulsating bodies.

Release Date: June 15th, 2017


1. Temples
2. Dreaming

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